May 2018 Chapter Meeting

May Chapter Meeting

Happy May! We’re looking forward to sunny days and the plethora of spring security events on the horizon. Have you wondered what drives the technology behind the automotive industry? Gear up for an engaging double feature presentation with Tony Lauro from Akamai Technologies and Matt Carpenter from GRIMM speaking on automotive cybersecurity next Thursday, May 17th.


Talk Abstract from Tony Lauro:
Automotive security covers many disciplines. Some of the more publicized topics include complete driver takeover by a remote antagonist. This has been proven to be very true, with some caveats of course. However, there are far more worse things hiding under the hood than you might think.  In this session I’ll be talking about some of the topics relating to automotive software design, supply chain management, over the air updates, as well as the more manual exploitation attempts around radio frequency hacking and key cloning.


We will be utilizing the MSU FCU Farm Lane Community Room right off of the parking lot, per previous meetings. There will be someone posted at the door for entry & to let you know you’re in the right place. Refuel with fresh coffee and stimulating conversation!


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Speaker Bios

Anthony Lauro

Twitter: @TonyLauro

Tony manages the Enterprise Security Architecture team at Akamai Technologies. With over 18 years of Information Security industry experience Tony has worked with Akamai’s top global clients to provide cyber security guidance, architectural analysis and web application security expertise. Tony has worked and consulted in many verticals including finance, automotive, medical/healthcare, enterprise, and mobile applications. He is currently responsible for all Akamai’s North America clients as well the training of an Akamai internal group whose focus is on Web Application Security / and adversarial resiliency disciplines. Tony’s previous responsibilities include consulting with public sector/government clients at Akamai, managing security operations for a mobile payments company, and overseeing security and compliance responsibilities for a global financial software services organization. When he is not working with Akamai clients or traveling, Tony can be found skateboarding, competing in submission grappling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, designing and breaking things, and spending time with his wife and children in Dallas, TX.

Matt Carpenter

Twitter: @Ma77Carpenter

Matt leads the Hardware and Embedded System Security division at Grimm. Matt’s expertise is in reverse-engineering, vulnerability research, hardware/software/firmware/ICS/AMI/Radio, hacker techniques, teaching, and penetration testing (hardware, software network, web, physical). He is former vice-chair of UCAIUG AMI-SEC Task Force and SG Security, and lead the Vulnerabilities team for NIST Cyber Security Coordination Task Force developing NISTIR-7628 and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). Matt is a former member of the Advanced Security Acceleration Project for the Smart Grid (ASAP-SG) and was the Red-team lead for Advanced Security Acceleration Project (AMI-SEC/ASAP). He is an entertaining and informative speaker, and is a repeat speaker at many Hacker/ICS/SCADA conferences, domestic and abroad. Matt was also captain of three winning Defcon CTF teams.


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