January 2017 Post-Chapter Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our chapter meeting on January 19th! Our two-part cyber tabletop situation welcomed great discussions on incident response and critical infrastructure components of the Lansing, Michigan area.

In a Live Free or Die Hard type scenario where all the traffic lights in an area go green, what’s the first thought on a responders mind? When attackers spread to social media claiming responsibility and hinting of future actions to come, how do you ensure the safety of your family and your company? And, if cell service is interrupted, how does that change your responses?

Our attendees brought up excellent topics during discussion. Some key takeaways:

  • Have an emergency plan with your family in case cell phones are not an option. Set a meeting location and a plan of action.
  • Learn where your nearest landline is, and if this is a communication option for your company and/or family during a lack of cell service.
  • Keep a list of law enforcement contacts for cyber response – don’t make assumptions about the information everyone has on hand!
  • Make sure your company’s business continuity/disaster recovery plan is up to date. If you don’t currently have one, it’s strongly encouraged to develop one for reacting to situations. Even something as common as an ice storm in this area can knock out power, potentially resulting in a loss of business operations. Know your risks and plan ahead accordingly.

We’re looking forward to seeing our Lansing ISSA members and newcomers next month!